Providing Guidance Through English and Financial Education To Achieve Your Life Ambitions

Mentor | Business & Financial Management Professionals

Sang Nguyen

I am on a mission to assist young people becoming self-confident and self-efficacy. Why? Expressing yourself in both your native tongue and in English will help you get to where you want to be. How? Through a personal mentorship program, I give young adults the tools they need to become responsible adults. This includes both language and personal financial management skills. Let me help you find and achieve your life ambitions!


Nourish Your Soul

* Develop basic English communication skills through creative practices;
* Build your confidence to communicate English effectively.

Become a Citizen of the World

* Develop critical thinking skills and advanced English communication skills through IELTS;
* Strengthen your confidence to win the job interview and solve problems inter-culturally.

Become a Responsible Adult

* Grow soft skills through personal financial management skills and English language skills;
* Be amazing young entrepreneur with your side hustles.

Video Posts

When you see or hear the term “International House”, what do you think about it? You might think it is a huge, nice house with international standards; it is a service which designs your housings following international architectural style; etc. To my way, “International House” is simply a fair-enough space for me to live and work aiming to a international spiritual value to attach to my mission – Provide Guidance Through English And Financial Education To Achieve Your Life Ambitions – to all projects which are created...
My Korean friend used to share with me that she always wants to study in a school/ environment which grades are not concerned too much on the journey she develops herself academically and personally. After that conversation, I kept pondering if this is a wish of many students nowadays...
How often do you ask yourself this important question: “What Do You Want?” Or is it more often for you to ask what your family want, what the society want from you? It is not right or wrong question/ answer in these statements. It is just about how you want out of life to see whether you want to enjoy it based on your own desire or others’ desire on you or both...
Du học không như là mơ, thậm chí đầy khó khăn, khiến không ít người phải “chùn bước” thế nhưng du học vẫn là trải nghiệm hoàn toàn xứng đáng cho những ai muốn phát triển bản thân. Cuốn tự truyện cập nhật 2023 được chia ra 2 phần với phần I: Huế Đến Canada Có Chi và phần II: Canada Về Lại Huế Có Chi chia sẻ những trải nghiệm chân thực làm sao để thực sự "lột xác". Mời bạn đọc tiếp...

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