International House
a mini co-working space


When you see or hear the term “International House”, what do you think about it? You might think it is a huge, nice house with international standards; it is a service which designs your housings following international architectural style; etc.

To my way, “International House” is simply a fair-enough space for me to live and work aiming to a international spiritual value to attach to my mission – Provide Guidance Through English And Financial Education To Achieve Your Life Ambitions – to all projects which are created.

In the first 22-year since I was born, I had never travelled to other cities. And then 10 years later, I have always felt curious about the life outside of my home city and strongly desired to explore more. As a result, I have often kept looking back, questioning and searching for answers whenever I could conduct domestic and overseas trips during those 10 years.

From that, I started a journey to learn more about internationalism and quick assimilation regardless of where I am.

I am deeply grateful for looking back to work in an international nonprofit organization Football For All in Vietnam which uses grassroot football as a tool to develop life skills for marginalized people. This brought me to the world of kindness, growth in personal and professional development with talented and supportive colleagues and partners around the world.

Additionally, thanks to the journey in Canada and surrounding with the family and family-in-law from the UK and Sri Lanka, the international experiences are more tremendous.

Thus, I always desire to apply my experiences to help more and more people to have such amazing journey throughout their life inside out domestically and internationally.


In the occasion of Valentine’s Day and my birthday, I would love to spread this love and gratitude to all who have played every single crucial part in my life.

And certainly, I would like to offer something to express this love by renting out a full capacity space in the city center of my charming Hue city – Vietnam for someone who wants to study and work independently as freelancers, students. The fee is based on “Pay What You Can”.

Besides, you guys can obtain 2 hours of free consultation related to English learning creative methods for English communication skills, IELTS, tips to study and work abroad, personal financial management skills.

For those who are not living in Hue, you also can benefit from this program by up to 4 hours of free consultation.

Just please send me a private message in advance via Sang – Online Mentor Facebook Page including the information of date, time, how long you want. I will arrange your most suitable option for you.