Phase 2
Become a Citizen of the World

By Sang Nguyen

What You’ll Learn:

  • IELTS Exam Tips: Gain insights into 24 effective exam strategies tailored specifically for your IELTS preparation.

  • Advancing English Communication: Master 50 techniques to apply your IELTS learning towards enhancing your English communication skills for professional environments.

  • Cross-Cultural Problem Solving: Learn from 10 real-life case studies on how to effectively solve problems across different cultures.

How It Works:

  • Learning Resources: Access video lessons and a comprehensive textbook to guide your learning journey.

  • Personalized Mentorship: Benefit from 3 one-on-one sessions with Sang Nguyen, an experienced mentor dedicated to helping you succeed.

How to Get Started:

  1. Book a Free Consultation: book a complimentary 30-minute meeting with Sang Nguyen here

  2. Sign up: If you decide to join after the consultation, proceed to pay 100% of the course fee. Once payment is confirmed, you’ll receive access to our comprehensive package of video lessons and schedule your 3 mentorship sessions with Sang.

  3. Discount Offer 1: You’ll get a 20% discount on registration for Phase 1 and Phase 3 if you choose to continue your learning journey in this phase within a year.

  4. Discount Offer 2: Receive a lifetime 10% discount on future one-on-one mentoring sessions.

  5. Bonus Offer: Connect with global citizens and join the International House (IH) community & group, founded by Sang Nguyen, where you can enhance your knowledge of English for life and work, as well as Personal Financial Management.                                                              IH Community:              IH Private Group:

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“Sang is a great and very kind person and I can say she not only helped me to improve my English. She also helps me to improve my knowledge. It was an excellent experience. The communication was fluent. I appreciate her approach, her good will and above all her professionality.” – Kien, USA

Apart of English language learning lessons, the Global Citizen Webinar Series, launched in 2022, consists of 5 webinars. It connects learners with individuals from the USA, Canada, the UK, Japan, and beyond, aiming to improve advanced English communication skills, understanding of personal finance, cross-cultural interactions, and global peace.

Link to each phase:

Phase 1: develop your basic English communication skills through artistic practice and build your confidence.

Phase 3: grow your soft skills through personal financial management skills and English language skills; be amazing young entrepreneur with your side hustles.