Phase 1 - Nourish Your Soul

By Sang Nguyen

What You’ll Learn:

  • Expressing Yourself Creatively: You’ll learn how to talk about 20 common topics using stories, poems, drawings, and crafts. This helps you get better at English while having fun being creative.
  • Boosting Confidence in English: Learn 20 key techniques to feel more confident and creative when you speak English.

How It Works:

  • Learning Format: You’ll read a textbook and watch video lessons that help you get better at basic English communication skills. They’re interactive and easy to follow.
  • Personalized Mentorship: You’ll also get 2 one-on-one sessions with Sang Nguyen, an experienced mentor dedicated to guiding you through your learning journey. These sessions offer personalized feedback and support tailored to your individual needs and goals.

How to Get Started:

  1. Book a Free Consultation: Book a complimentary 30-minute meeting with Sang Nguyen here
  2. Sign Up: If you decide to join after the consultation, proceed to pay the full course fee of 5.99 USD. Once payment is confirmed, you’ll receive access to our comprehensive package of video lessons and schedule your 2 mentorship sessions with Sang.
  3. Discount Offer 1: You’ll get a 20% discount on registration for Phase 2 and Phase 3 if you choose to continue your learning journey in these phases within a year.
  4. Discount Offer 2: Receive a lifetime 10% discount on booking one-on-one mentoring sessions later on.
  5. Bonus Offer: Connect with global citizens and join the International House (IH) community & group, founded by Sang Nguyen, where you can enhance your knowledge of English for life and work, as well as Personal Financial Management.                                                                   IH Community:           IH Private Group:
If you have any concern, please drop us a line at Contact section on this website:

“Sang dẫn dắt một người đã đơ họng về thức ngôn ngữ In Lít Sờ vì đã bỏ bê quá lâu mà nay đọc truyện, nói chuyện bằng English mà giọng cứ mượt như đường phèn” – Feedback Love.

English translation: “Sang successfully guides a person who has been so bad at language skills like me, especially in English because I have neglected it for too long, I can now read English stories and speak English with confidence.”

The Student Work Gallery is an innovative space where students harness the power of art and language to enhance their English communication skills. Through drawing, crafting, and poetry, learners express themselves creatively while building a strong foundation in language arts. This gallery celebrates the intersection of visual arts and linguistic skills, showcasing the unique ways students can convey ideas and emotions, enriching their mastery of English in the process.

Link to each phase:

Phase 2: advance your English communication skills through IELTS and critical thinking to win the job interview and solve problems skills inter-culturally.

Phase 3: grow your soft skills through personal financial management skills and English language skills; be amazing young entrepreneur with your side hustles.