To Have Another Language Is To Possess A Second Soul

By Sang Nguyen

Have you ever thought that if you learn another language, you will possess a second soul?!

At first, I did not aware of how a second language as English can change the way of my thought, not mention to my soul. Until I gradually master this language, I realize that thanks to it I can be more empathetic, open-minded and confident to communicate with people who are not from my hometown. Besides, English change the way I behave in some certain cases. 

Take for an example, I am not a fan of pet because I used to have a horrible experience with a dog. It bit and left me an ugly scar on my leg when I was a child. Also, as a traditional way of thinking, I do not care much about animal because I was born and raised in a harsh condition which most people in my community prefer to eat something to provide a meat. 

So with us, animal is kind of an efficient tool to produce food, deliver goods or something like that. There is no such alternative to eat something else rather than meat or crucially speaking that, we just want to use animal to respond our food demand. 

In contrast, when I started to study English, I also learnt more about other culture than Vietnamese culture, I began to be conscious more about animal and considered animal life. Once I visited my friend in Canada, I met a friendly dog and made friend with them, I felt I fell in love with him and realize that English can help improve my soul as well. 

So is there any story which makes you look back and have this idea to me?