Covid Challenge

By Sang Nguyen

Covid-19 is still around as a threat to many of us in terms of health, economy, travel plans to study abroad, etc. However, instead of its downside, I improved my mental focus on the positive sides of this coronavirus pandemic and created a challenge so-called Covi_Challenge to whom may be passionate about international experience with English language and critical thinking skills and to individuals who want so much to explore their desires, who they are, what they really want to do in this life, how they can enjoy their life with financial independence.

So in case you are interested in this, for more details about how this #covi_challenge works, please contact directly to me because this project will be maintained until we are 100% free from coronavirus.

While implementing this mini game, I have received positive and negative feedbacks. Thus, I have adjusted my approach to work with relevant participants accordingly from young ones to adults.

I highly appreciate friends who have accepted this #challenge and dare to appear on social media to present themselves, to seek for good and bad comments in order to improve themselves.

Besides, I have so much love from friends who have sent me private messages and said that they cannot do it in public as posting on social media, but they can do it with me 1-on-1 privately.

Anyway, I am totally okey with any option as long as I can see how ambitious you are as beautiful humans who always want to do something meaningful and unique in this life.
Thank you!