Become A Poet. Why not?!

By Sang Nguyen

I always ponder about creative and innovative ways of English learning/mentoring as I always believe that learning something should be fun and memorable for anyone. Therefore, I created a method to make a poem in English to introduce oneself and let people get to know you better. Also, it helps mentees not only improve their English skills naturally but also beautify their souls.

Through the process of being a “poet”, mentees can benefit a great deal whether they want to share it to public or not. This is because writing a poetry will improve cognitive function, lead people to greater self-awareness and boost the creativity which potentially exist in every single individual.

Moreover, this method helps trigger emotional curiosity as I am aware that there are a lot of cases which young people do not feel what they need to feel to develop their personal passion in a way they truly desire. Thus, it is understandable why there are more followers than creators nowadays.

storytelling, fantasy, imagination

Additionally, while writing the poem, mentees can explore and find their own answers through different experiences in life to identify their identity beside ordinary common questions/answers such as “what is your name?”, “how are you”, “how old are you”, “I am fine, thank you and you?” and that sort of thing.

Not only provide a gift of education by that way but also support mentees to think more suitable adjectives vocabulary to describe where they are from, how their family is doing, what they do in free time and so forth.

I have delivered this method to a lot of mentees. That is true some people can adapt this method easily, others find hard to create a poem, so I provided them a variety of templates for them to make experiments and withdraw the lesson learnt by themselves.

As a result, they follow this method and then it turns out amazing outcomes including beautify their soul and help deliberate about proper terms, phrases to develop their poem.

After all, I check their poems and can see their next level of confidence through this method.

So would you like to become a poet after reading this post? If so, I would like to provide you a template, do not be shy, let’s feel free to contact me anyway.